Karnataka BJP govt presents Rs 75 lakh Volvo Car to Deve Gowda

The BJP government in Karnataka has gifted Rs 75 lakh worh Volvo Car to JDS veteran leader and former Prime Minister of India Deve Gowda.

It may be recalled that 87-year old Deve Gowda was recently elected to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka with the support of both BJP and Congress.

After getting elected, Deve Gowda made a request to Karnataka BJP government to allot him a car.

The Karnataka BJP government responded positively to this and purchased Volvo XC 60 D-5 Model car, which costs Rs 75 lakh including all taxes.

However, since the car was purchased in the name of state government, the taxes were exempted, due to which the price of the car came down to Rs 65 lakh.

This development raised many a eyebrows as one wonders where was the need for government to purchase such a costly car to Deve Gowda by spending public money. People wonder whether Deve Gowda, who worked as Prime Minister of India and his son Kumaraswamy ruled Karnataka as Chief Minister till a year ago.

However, the Karnataka BJP government is justifying its decision saying that Deve Gowda as former Prime Minister of India deserves a costly car from the state government.