JEE Main, NEET: Did Supreme Court really dismiss review petition?

Lakhs of students and parents across the country waited with bated breath throughout the day, today, August 31, 2020, Monday, to know the outcome of the review petition filed by six States ruled by Opposition parties seeking postponement of JEE Main 2020 and NEET 2020 exams, scheduled to be held in September.

They were tensed and worried as JEE Main is scheduled to begin only tomorrow, September 1, 2020, Tuesday.

However, no one knows the outcome of the case today, August 31. 2020.

There was no clue whether the Surpreme Court conducted hearing or not or whether Supreme Court dismissed the petition or not.

The so called national media which boasted themselves of giving minute-to-minute updates of this case on Supreme Court turned deaf and dumb today August 31, 2020.

There is no update or breaking news of this case in any prominent newspaper websites or TV news channels even now.

A search on Google now today till 10.30 pm shows only one link of 'Hindustan Times' website, which says the Supreme Court had dismissed review petition today.

The Hindustan Times has deleted this link at 11 pm today, August 31, 2020.

If indeed, Supreme Court had dismissed this petition, why this secrecy? Why a prominent newspaper like Hindustan Times uploaded and deleted the news about Supreme Court dismissing petition within two hours>

What are the so called vast news networks, reporters networks of prominent media groups are doing?

These media groups have exclusive legal correspondents. What are they doing all through the day? Are they sleeping? Why media groups failed to update Supreme Court developments today?

The selfish newspapers and TV news channels exploited JEE Main, NEET issue to their advantage to get more TRPs till today August 31, that is a day before JEE Main exam.

They all went into oblivion leaving lakhs of students and parents in the lurch after their purpose of TRP ratings are served.