JEE 2020, NEET Live News Updates/ Breaking News:

1. Maharashtra High Court allows JEE-Mains 2020 after conducting urgent hearing on a petition seeking postponement of exams in flood hit areas of state at 8.30 am, while the JEE Main was scheduled to begin at 9 am today. High Court says flood-hit students may apply to NTA seeking fresh exam data as JEE Mains exam cannot be postponed at the last minute.

2. JEE Main 2020 begins across India today, September 1, 2020, Tuesday, amid fears of corona pandemic.

3. JEE Main 2020 students, their parents, friends and relatives expose how NTA and organisers at JEE Main exam centres failed miserably in implementing SOPs at exam centres by uploading pics of huge crowd at exam centres. .Social/ physical distancing or compulsory wearing of masks went for a toss at exam centres putting the lives of students, parents and others present at the exam centres at risk.

4. Though organizers promised to provide sanitisers and masks for students at exam centres, it remained only on paper in several centres. There were not adequate sanitisers or masks at several centres.

5. Students faced transport issues in several cities. Lack of public transportation troubled students and parents a lot. Autos and cabs fleeced students by exploiting the situation to their advantage.