Jagan spent crores of public money for his '30-yr CM wish'

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy today, Sunday, September 6, 2020, issued half-page advertisements on front page of prominent newspapers on behalf of AP government.

The advertisements carry CM Jagan pics with a caption saying that, "YSRCP government will give free power to agriculture for the next 30 years."

This is democracy. Elections are held once in five years. People will lose whom to elect to power. It may be YSRCP or TDP or any other party.

How can Jagan claims himself to be CM of AP for next three years?

If he has wish to remain as CM for 30 years or 50 years, let it be.

How can he spend crores of rupees of public money to convey his 30-yr CM wish to people by issuing ads to newspapers? Let him spend any amount of his personal money from his kitty and issue ads saying that he will rule for 100 or more years? No one bothers but he has no power to misuse public money for his selfish interests.

AP is already reeling under severe debt. It's just a little over one year since Jagan become CM of AP in May 2019. He already raised nearly Rs 1.50 lakh loans in a year. The situation worsened to such an extent that banks are running away from giving even loans to AP due to CM Jagan's financial indiscipline.

Because whatever loans Jagan is raising, they are spent on cash distribution schemes in AP with an aim to develop his vote bank and remain in power by putting the future of AP at stake.

No investments are made on productive things or infrastructure development.

If this continues, AP will become completely backrupt in the next four years.