Andhra 6.76 lakh corona tests, Telangana 57,000! Jagan outsmarts KCR in handling corona crisis!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy may be inferior to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in terms of age, administrative experience and political experience, but when it comes to handling of corona crisis in the state, Jagan outsmarted KCR.

AP on Sunday, June 21, 220 created a record in the country of having conducted 6.75 lakh corona tests in the state, the highest-ever for any state in India.

Contrary to this, Telangana conducted just 57,054 tests till June 21, 2020.

This shows that KCR stands nowhere near Jagan.

After Telangana High Court and media rapping the TRS government multiple times for lower tests, KCR ordered increase in tests since last week. Even after this increase, TS is conducting just 3,297 tests per day against AP which is conducting 24,000 tests per day.

TS had earlier conducted just 200 or 300 tests per day all these days. Out of this, 50 to 70 were tested positive every day. KCR used to claim that Telangana had fewer corona cases and he could control it effectively.

But when KCR increased tests to 3,297 on June 21, around 730 were tested positive exposing the KCR's government's failure that the lower positive cases all these days were on account of lower tests.

But Jagan on the other hand ramped up tests in AP from 90 per day to 24,000 tests per day now. Due to this, AP witnessed higher cases every day. But it helped the government and people in AP to know the ground reality. KCR on the other hand tried to hide the corona cases by conducting lower tests.