Jagan playing 'dangerous games' with judges and judiciary

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy and his ministers, MPs and MLAs are trying to project judiciary and judges in a bad light by branding them as 'corrupt'.

For the past three the days, YSRCP MPs are openly levelling serious corruptions charges and allegations against judges in the AP High Court in the Parliament saying that the AP judges were once TDP lawyers and workers and hence they cannot expect 'impartial judgeements' from them.

They are also accusing judges of favouring TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu because Naidu had allotted them housing plots in Amaravathi. YSRCP leaders were resortign to malicious campaign as if judges were given housing plots for free by Chandrababu while the fact remains that judges purchased them by paying lakhs for government.

Alloting housing plots to judges, MPs, MLAs, journalists is nothing new in India by state goverments.

Even Jagan's own father, YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who was CM of Undivided AP from 2004 to 2009 allotted housing plots to judges, MPs, MLAs, journalists etc in Hyderabad.

But why Jagan is accusing judges of corruption now? Jagan, who himself is facing about 38 corruption cases, money laundering cases, quid pro quo cases since 2012 and spent 16 months in Chanchalguda jail in 2012-13 is now levelling corruption charges on judges.

Jagan should better realise that it's because of the mercy of the judges and judiciary, he could come out of the Chanchalguda jail on bail, contested elections and became CM.

Had the judges adopted tough stand on Jagan and rejected bail till the cases reach a logical conclusion, he would have confined to Chanchalguda jail even today. The same judges even exempted him from appearing for court hearings every Friday after he became CM due to which Jagan could avoid major embarrassment every week.

It's a reality that AP High Court judges quashed majority of the decisions taken by Jagan in his capacity as CM. But he should realise that they were quashed because his decisions and policies were in violation of constitutional norms.

Instead of rectifying himself, Jagan is resorting to vendetta politics even against judiciary like he is resorting against Chandrababu Naidu since Day-1 of becoming CM of AP in May 2019.