Jagan fighting for AP's water share, KCR resting in farmhouse

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy might be younger and ill-experienced in politics when compared with Telangana CM KCR, but Jagan is surely performing well as CM than KCR.

KCR, who became CM, by flaring up Telangana sentiment and projecting himself as a messiah of Telangana, is remaining confined to his farmhouse on Hyderabad city outskirts or his palatial Pragathi Bhavan and taking rest after coming to power.

Now he seems least bothered about protecting Telangana's interests though Jagan is diverting Krishna water to Rayalaseema.

When Centre convened Apex Council meeting on August 5 between Jagan and KCR to resolve water dispute, KCR simply ignored and convened cabinet meeting on the same day August 5 after Centre called for meeting, with an aim to skip the meeting. This shows how sincere KCR is towards protecting Telangana's interests.

Jagan on the other hand expressed his willingness to attend the meeting on August 5 arguing that AP has every right to construct irrigation projects to safeguard the interests of AP people and farmers.

When Centre had written to Jagan and KCR again two days ago informing about convening Apex Council meeting again soon, Jagan shot back a letter saying that he is ready to attend the meeting any time. But KCR on the other hand is taking rest in his farmhouse and not responding to the letter written by the Centre.

People of Telangana are slowly realising the true colours of KCR that he is only interested in enjoying power and spend a lavish life while he has no concern for Telangana's interests. Telangana people are realising how KCR is exploiting Telangana sentiment for his and his family's selfish interests but not for the betterment of Telangana state or Telangana society.

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