Jagan bows, removes YCP colours, wastes Rs 1,500 cr!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has finally bowed before the courts and decided to remove YSRCP party colours on gram panchayat offices in the state immediately.

Soon after becoming CM in May 2019, Jagan government ordered painting of YSRCP party colours on all gram panchayat offices, in gross misuse of power. Officials painted YSRCP colours on all 11,000 panchayat offices. Hundreds of crores of public money was spent.

Several petitions were filed in the AP High Court against this decision. High Court ordered removal of party colours immediately.

But defiant Jagan refused to do so and ordered painting of one more colour to the already existing three colours of YSRCP to give an impression that YSRCP has no four colours and flouted High Court orders. To add fourth colour, again hundreds of crores of public money was spent.

Againt petitions were filed in High Court against adding fourth colour instead of implementing HC orders on removal of YSRCP party colours.

High Court took serious view of this and threatened Jagan government that it will treat this as contempt of court and punish officials concerned accordingly.

Despite this, a defiant Jagan refused to remove YSRCP colours and moved Supreme Court against High Court orders.

Recently, Supreme Court also upheld High Court orders and directed Jagan government to remove YSRCP colours. It gave four week time for this and threatened Jagan government with contempt case if it fails to follow court orders.

Three weeks have passed since then and with just a week deadline left and no other option left, Jagan on Saturday, June 27, 2020 directed officials to remove YSRCP colours immediately and paint all panchayat offices with white colours. This will again cost hundreds of crores of public money again.

As per estimates, Jagan government has wasted over Rs 1,500 crore public money to remove old colours, paint YSRCP three colours, again paint fourth colour and now again to remove four colours and repaint with white colour. Not only this, the Jagan government spent several crores of public money to fight legal cases in High Court and Supreme Court on YSRCP colours.

In this way, Jagan's defiance and arrogance costed Rs 1,500 crore public money to AP. It's finally AP people, who pay their hard earned money as taxes to government, remained the losers. Jagan personally did not lose any money but AP people had to pay Rs 1,500 crore to satisfy Jagan's ego.

Despite all this, a defiant Jagan refuse to mend his ways. Again he issued orders to paint his photographs on all panchayat offices along with white colour.

If someone approaches courts and secure orders against Jagan' photo, the Jagan government will again be forced to remove Jagan photo and repaint it which will again lead to wastage of hundreds of crores of public money. One can only pray and wish that God alone should save AP, which is already a revenue-deficit state, from rulers with 'inflated egos'.