Jagan bhajan 'Great Andhra' ignores Nimmagadda reinstatement

The reinstatement of retired IAS officer Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar as Andhra Pradesh State Election Commissioner on the midnight of July 30, 2020 has hurt the ego of not just AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy, but also his websites which indulge in mindless "Jagan bhajan" every hour and every day.

One such website is "Great Andhra". This website cooked up tens of stories praising Jagan when Nimmagadda was removed as SEC.

Great Andhra which thrives on 'fake news' by giving 'kamma caste colour' to everything under the sun and makes 24x7 efforts to rip up 'caste feelings' and create feud between Reddy community and kamma community and to rip up passions of all castes against Kamma community, to earn more clicks and money, gave "Kamma caste colour" even to Nimmagadda issue when he was removed and projected as if Reddy community won over Kamma community.

But Nimmagadda fought for five months against the Jagan government challenging his 'illegal removal' in High Court and Supreme Court and finally won the battle.

After courts rapped Jagan left, right and centre on this issue terming Jagan's act as 'illegal', Jagan was forced to issue orders at the midnight of July 30 reinstating Nimmagadda as SEC.

But "Great Andhra" website ignored to post this news.

However, at around 11.30am on July 31, "Great Andhra" came up with another cooked up story on this issue to satisfy its ego as well as its boss Jagan.

Great Andhra says Nimmagadda will be reinstated for only name sake but Jagan government will not give him any powers. Is it possible Great Andhra? Will the courts keep quite if this is done? Is it not enough for your boss to receive brickbats from courts on Nimmagadda issue for the past five months? Can Jagan dare to take on courts again on this issue to satisfy his ego? Why project Nimmagadda issue as caste war between Reddy and Kamma communities just for few more clicks and bucks? Why can't you look SEC as constitutional body first?

It's high time Great Andhra stops promoting caste wars to increase its viewerships and earnings.