Is KCR's 'regulated farming policy' decision hasty?

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is strongly advocating "Government regulated farming" in Telangana from the coming rainy season (June to September 2020). This means farmers should sow only those crops which KCR asks. Those who don't follow KCR's instructions have to lose government benefits like Rythu Bandhu, minimum support price for their crops. KCR argues that he will suggest crops which have market demand due to which farmers will earn good profits.

Well, KCR's plan is highly appreciable but is it the right timing for taking such an important decision concerning lives of 70 lakh farmers and their family members in Telangana?

If KCR was really sincere, he should have initiated the process last year, debate it widely, convince farmers and make them prepared for this year.

But what KCR did? Suddenly he came up with this idea in Mid-May, just 15 days before rainy season to begin in June.

By this time, farmers normally decide what crops to sow and make preparations accordingly.

KCR imposed restrictions on fertilisers and seeds shops in Telangana not to sell fertilisers and seeds until the government comes up with the plan of what crops to sow and where to sow in Telangana.

With this farmers are utterly confused and worried what to do while the rainy season is set to begin in another week.

It's not a childsplay as it involves the lives and livelihood of 70 lakh farmers in Telangana and their dependents. Such an important decision should be taken with meticulous planning by taking all stakeholders in agriculture into confidence. Any hasty decision will lead to a big disaster from which it will be hard for Telangana state and farmers to recover in the near future.