High Court stays Telangana Secretariat demolition!

The Telangana High Court on Friday, July 10, 2020 issued interim orders to stay the demolition of Telagana Secretariat.

The KCR government started demolition works from the midnight of July 6 after High Court gave green signal for demolition last week to construct a new Secretariat in its place.

Out of 10 huge blocks in Secretariat complex, already 5 blocks have been demolished so far.

At this juncture, Prof Vishweshwar Rao filed a public interest litigation in High Court stating that the government floated all the norms in taking up demolition works.

He brought to the notice of the court that no precautions were taken to prevent pollution during demolition works due to which people around Secretariat were facing health issues due to dust and air pollution. He said the Covid regulations too were not followed.

However, the state government argued before the court that they had already started demolition works and it cannot be stopped at this moment.

After hearing both the sides, the High Court issued interim orders staying demolition works till Monday, July 13, 2020.