Harish Rao &Srinitha don the role of Chandrababu & Bhuvaneshwari

TRS senior leader and Telangana finance minister T Harish Rao and his wife T Srinitha Rao have donned the role of TDP chief and former AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu and his wife Bhuvaneshwari.

Harish Rao has ventured into dairy business like Chandrababu had ventured into dairy business.

Harish Rao handed over the responsibility of running his dairy business to his wife Srinitha like Chandrababu is running his dairy business through his wife Bhuvaneshwari.

Harish Rao has entered into dairy business by launching a milk brand "Milchy Milk" on August 21, 2020 like Chandrababu launched his dairy business "Heritage Foods" in 1992.

Not only milk but Harish's company will sell all other dairy products like Heritage Foods.

All these similarities between Harish Rao and Chandrababu has created a buzz in political circles.

A heated debate is going on in political circles in both the Telugu State over why Harish had chosen dairy business like Chandrababu and why did he operating his dairy business through his wife like Chandrababu.

Speculations are rife that Harish entered into business after he felt that there is not much scope for him to grow in politics much with KCR at the helm of affairs now in TRS paty and TRS government in Telangana and preparing ground to hand over TRS party and TRS government to his son KTR anytime.

Harish had realised that except remaining as cabinet minister in KCR's cabinet now and KTR's cabinet later, there is nothing much he can do or earn in politics as KCR didn't gave any scope for Harish to make money in the last six years and there are no chances of KTR giving any opportunity for Harish later.

So, Harish has realised that it would be better to enter into business to sustain his financial position and his family.