Harish Rao losing his image and respect!

Senior TRS leader T Harish Rao had a 'firebrand' image during Telangana statehood agitation.

He had also a 'trouble shooter' image in TRS. Harish commanded great respect of not only TRS leaders and cadre but across masses in Telangana during statehood agitation.

But Harish today is no more a firebrand leader or enjoys a good image among people.

Harish himself is lowering his image by lowering his level from a state-level leader to a gully-level leader.

Though Harish is the finance minister in KCR's cabinet, he never behaved like a minister as he is confined to only his Siddipet constituency all the time.

KCR has now assigned the responsibility of TRS victory in Dubbaka Assembly bypoll in November to Harish Rao.

Harish Rao is campaigning like a gully leader. Harish Rao's frustration is clearly visible in his speeches and campaigning after he realised ground situation that it's not easy for TRS to win Dubbaka bypoll because BJP and Congress have fielded tough candidates.

Harish is finding no issues to counter BJP, Congress.

Like a gully leader, Harish is trying to rake up 'women sentiment' by saying that TPCC chief Uttam had termed Dubbaka TRS candidate Sujatha as 'inefficient', which no one knows when Uttam said.

Harish's only demand in every meeting is Uttam should tender apologies to Sujatha and entire women community as he had insulted women with his comments.

Is this the demand or a campaigning issue for the leader of a stature of Harish Rao.

People used to feel Harish as a hero one time. But Harish's behavior or moves especially after KCR became CM for second term in December 2018 polls prove that he is not a hero but a normal politician in TRS, who knows only to fear about KCR and KTR.

Despite Harish being sidelined in party and government, despite he is not getting any respect in party or government as a minister, despite CM KCR holding finance department review meetings at Pragathi Bhavan without Harish Rao, Harish Rao lacked guts to question the injustice meted to him showing clearly that he is just like any other normal politician who bears anything to protect their posts and careers and have no regard for self respect.

Telangana people too are not taking Harish seriously these days after they realised that he is not at all a 'hero material' which they believed all these days lacks individuality and knows only to dance to the tunes of KCR and KTR.

It's high time Harish lives up to the expectations of Telangna people and don't compromise on his image and self respect for the petty posts given by KCR and KTR because these posts are not permanent but people's love and affection are permanent.