Gudur asks Tollywood stars to make appeals for plasma donations

Hyderabad, July 25: Telangana Plasma Donors Association President Gudur Narayana Reddy, who is also the TPCC Treasurer, on Saturday, July 25, 2020, requested the Tollywood actors and actresses to make short videos to appeal the people who've recovered from Covid-19 to donate their plasma to other severely ill patients.

Speaking to media persons, Narayana Reddy said that lives of many patients suffering from Coronavirus were being saved through plasma therapy. However, he said that the pace of plasma donations in Telangana was too slow. So far, he said over 40,000 people have recovered from the Covid-19 while nearly 5-10% of nearly 12,000 Active Cases were critically ill. He said the lives of severely ill patients could be saved if the recovered patients come forward to donate their plasma. However, he said the donors have lot of apprehensions and fears on donating their plasma. He said that Tollywood stars could clear those apprehensions and make effective appeals to convince the recovered patients for plasma donation.

Narayana Reddy said that the Tollywood Stars have achieved success only due to the patronage and support of people. Therefore, they should contribute in the combat against Coronavirus by using their influence to motivate people for plasma donation.

The TPDA President said many willing donors were facing difficulties in reaching the hospital where the potential donors are admitted. They are afraid that they might again contract the infection if they visit a Covid-19 hospital. Further, they are also afraid that those accompanying them to the hospital might get infected. Therefore, he said that the State Government should arrange mobile units to collect plasma from the eligible donors.

Narayana Reddy said that the Telangana Plasma Donors Association, in collaboration with the State authorities, was making efforts to create awareness among people over plasma donation.