"Great(gas) Andhra" fake news on CBN, Nimmagadda for Jagan bhajan

As usual Great Andhra website, popularly known as 'Gas Andhra' for publishing 'fake news' and 'paid news' under the guise of journalism for the sake of doing 'Jagan bhajan', has come out with yet another "fake big story" on TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and AP State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar today, January 9, 2021, Saturday.

The Gas Andhra's fake big story finds fault with Naidu writing a letter to Nimmagadda on holding panchayat elections.

For Gas Andhra website, writing a letter means dictating terms.

Political parties writing letters to Election Commissions seeking holding elections in a fair and transparent manner has been a tradition since first general elections started in Independent India in 1951.

Every political party, whether it is ruling or opposition write to election commissions making certain suggestions or requesting or putting forth some demands against rival parties or leaders.

But for Gas Andhra and Fake Andhra, anyone writing letters to election commission amounts to dictating terms.

Naidu requested Nimmagadda to deploy central forces for local elections because YSRCP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is blatantly misusing state police machinery, working under his government. Every opposition party in every state makes this demand during every election.

Naidu requested Nimmagadda to launch online filing of nominations because the ruling YSRCP leaders are threatening, attacking and hijacking opposition candidates who are willing to file nominations.

Naidu requested Nimmagadda not to utilise the services of village volunteers appointed by Jagan for election duties because everyone knows village volunteers are YSRCP activists who are paid salaries with public money.

Naidu requested Nimmagadda to remove YSRCP party colours from panchayat buildings. This is the order given by AP High Court as well as the Supreme Court which blasted Jagan for painting government panchayat buildings in YSRCP colours. Jagan wasted hundreds of crores of rupees of public money for painting colours and removing colours later as per courts directions.

But for Gas Andhra owner Venkat Reddy, who is notorious for blackmailing, accepting 'packages' for posting fake news and gas news to please his boss Jagan, all this appear wrong.

But who will believe Gas Andhra's Jagan Bhajan every day as everyone knows about the history of Gas Andhra and Venkat Reddy.