"Great Andhra" is 'cheap' than Ram Gopal Varma!

Everyone know how 'cheap' Ram Gopal Varma is and the level to which he stoops to gain 'cheap publicity' and earn few bucks by fooling around cine buffs. Once an acclaimed director who attracted national and international headlines with his blockbuster movies in bollywood and tollywood, no one is taking Ram, Gopal seriously these days.

But the so-called popular website "Great Andhra" has been proving time and again these days that it is 'more cheap' than Ram Gopal Varma by continuously posting 'vulgar news' with an aim to provoke "Mega fans", trying to make issue out of a non-issue.

RGV has recently announced a 'mindless film project' as usual in the name of "Power Star". The title itself shows RGV is targeting whom. Even a small kid knows actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is known as 'power star'. RGV is making the film to mock Pawan Kalyan's failure as a politician.

He is daily posting 'cheap tweets' on his movie to earn cheap publicity. Entire main stream media ignored his cheap tactics. But "Great Andhra" website, which is more cheap than RGV continues to cook up stories one after the other every hour and every day.

Now, people also started taking "Great Andhra" lightly like RGV. Unable to bear this, "Great Andhra" has now started writing provocative news to provoke mega fans against RGV so that RGV gains some cheap publicity, earns some money. One doubts, whether RGV and Great Andhra have colluded to earn money with 'cheap movies' and 'cheap publicity' and share it shamelessly.

One day, Great Andhra writes "Mega fans igonore RGV's power star film". The next day it writes "Mega family ignores RGV's film". The next it writes "Why Chiranjeevi and Nagababu are silent". The next day it writes praising RGV. Today it wrote, "Pawan Kalyan doesn't care about RGV".

Despite all these cooked up stories, there is no response from anyone.

It's high time viewers start banning 'cheap websites' like Great Andhra, which are earning money by publishing fake news and gossips under the guise of 'social media'. Just for few clicks and some bucks, cheap websites like Great Andhra are misusing social medial platforms. Like people started ignoring RGV, it's better they ignore "Great Andhra". That will be the only fitting lesson to teach such cheap people, who are disgrace to journalism.