"Great Andhra" becomes a laughing stock!

"Great Andhra" owner Venkat posted an item on his Jagan-bhajan website today, September 4, 2020, Friday with a caption "Lokesh became laughing stock again".

But in reality, it's not just Lokesh, it's Great Andhra website and its owner Venkat became a laughing stock more than TDP leader Nara Lokesh.

In his desperate bid to do Jagan-bhajan as usual right from morning till night every day on his website, Venkat questioned how Lokesh wrote a big article/ column in Andhra Jyothy in good Telugu vocabulary yesterday (September 2, 2020) when he cannot even speak Telugu properly.

Did Great Andhra and Venkat think that people are so innocent to believe that whatever articles, columns or even tweets that appear in newspaper or on twitter in the name of top politicians like Jagan or Chandrababu or Lokesh or KTR are written by politicians themselves.

Even a LKG kid knows that they are written by experts or others on their behalf and they recruit shadow writers exclusively for this purpose.

When Jagan took up marathon padayatra in 2017 across Andhra, Jagan's newspaper Saakshi published "Jagan padayatra diary' every day on the name of Jagan.

Did Great Andhra Venkat believes that it was written by Jagan? Everyone knows that it was written by Saakshi editorial team every day.

So, finally, it's Great Andhra and its owner Venkat Reddy who have become a laughing stock more than Lokesh in their desperate bid to do "Jagan bhajan" as usual.