Good relations with Jagan but won't compromise on Telangana interests: KTR

Minister for IT and MA&UD KT Rama Rao went live on Twitter this afternoon on Sunday, August 9, 2020, with the hashtag #AskKTR. Following are some of the important and interesting responses from the minister.

Minister said that the fight over Telangana’s legal rights over the Krishna waters would continue and they had already filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court. He also mentioned that Telangana has good relations with Andhra Pradesh. However, there would be no compromise when it comes to the rights of the state.

Minister KTR said that action had already been taken against private hospitals which were charging exorbitantly for corona treatment. If needed, more stringent measures would be taken. Nevertheless, he urged people to recognize the fact that government hospitals are providing good services. He stated that the patients who are refused admission in private hospitals are also being treated in government hospitals. He emphasized the need to recognize the services rendered by the government medical personnel.

He informed that COVID-19 testing is already underway at more than 1,200 centers, over 23,000 tests are conducted per day. It is expected to increase to 40,000+ in the coming days.

Minister remarked that the mortality rate in Telangana is less than one percent while the recovery rate 72%, is among the best in the country.

The minister urged that people should make note of the fact that thousands of COVID patients have been successfully treated at Government hospitals. He asked people not to get carried away by the propaganda against government hospitals. The minister also stated that there is a need to strengthen the health sector in view of the COVID crisis. He added that it is a world-wide requirement.

Since the formation of Telangana State, various development initiatives have been undertaken in health sector. There is a great reduction in infant and maternal mortality rates. In addition to the establishment of five new medical colleges, ICU units have been set up in several area hospitals. More than 40 dialysis centers have been set up. In addition, more 200 Basti Dawakhanas are set up in Hyderabad.

He said that the measures taken by the government would alone not suffice unless there is cooperation from people in this war against pandemic. It’s important for people t shun fear and avoid destructive propaganda. Instead they should be kind and understating towards COVID patients.

Minister KTR said that CM Sri KCR is an ideal for the youth to get into politics. KTR stated that educated people should be partners in the democratic process. He said that the silence of the educated youth is not good for India which is the largest democracy in the world.

He said Telangana is waiting for the Central government’s approval to resume the services of city buses, MMTS and Metrorail.

He said that the Arogya Sri health scheme of the Telangana government is better than the Central government's Ayushman Bharat scheme. In fact, Ayushman Bharat was based on the Arogya Sri modal, he added.

He said the foundation stone for the Eliminate Aerospace Park will be laid soon

Responding to a query on the digitization of rural areas, the Minister said that the work on the Telangana fiber grid is progressing fast and is likely to be completed in a year. In addition to this, as part of Palle Pragathi, activities are undertaken on a large scale for the development of rural areas.

Responding to a question on Telangana's contribution in the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Minister KTR said that he would cherish for a Rama Rajya where the values Constitution of India are honored and equal opportunities are provided to all irrespective of caste, creed or class.

To one of the queries, the minister said that the steps would be taken to provide more incentives to companies that provide employment to Telangana youth.

As a reply to a question about government focusing only on Hyderabad, the minister said that the Telangana Government is constantly providing sufficient funds to all the municipalities. He also mentioned that every municipality is assigned with specific objectives and their work is constantly monitored. These efforts will soon yield good results, he added