GHMC polls: Will TRS be drowned in Durgam Cheruvu?

The ruling TRS seems to be banking heavily on Durgam Cheruvu to win upcoming GHMC elections this time.

KCR's son and IT minister KTR is projecting Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge as the biggest achievement of TRS in Hyderabad with a belief that people in Hyderbad will vote for TRS in upcoming GHMC polls expected in December 2020.

TRS leaders and ministers are also showcasing Durgam Cheruvu by giving poses to photographers of going on boating in Durgam Cheruvu, dining at a floating restaurant in Durgam Cheruvu, walking on Durgam cheruvu cable bridge etc.

But political observers are cautioning TRS leaders against resorting to too much 'show off' of Durgam Cheruvu as if there are no other issues in Hyderabad which concerns people.

They are suggesting that people in Hyderabad need better roads, better drainage system, no flooding of city roads just for a minor spell of rain, better traffic management, better public transportation etc and not just Durgam Cheruvu, which is nothing but just one among the several entertainment and amusement centres in Hyderabad.

Political observers are warning TRS against keeping too much hopes on Durgam Cheruvu to win GHMC polls by ignoring the basic needs of people in Hyderabad.

They say people will drown TRS in Durgam Cheruvu lake in GHMC polls if TRS leaders fail to address basic needs of people in Hyderabad.