GHMC polls: The winner is....?

The counting of votes for GHMC elections will be held tomorrow, December 4, 2020 from 8 am.

Since ballot papers were used in the place of EVMs, the declaration of results will be delayed.

When EVMs were used in GHMC polls in 2016, all the results were declared by 4 pm.

This time, the complete results are expected only after 8 pm.

The polling percentage this time in 46 per cent, which is about 1 per cent more than 2016 GHMC polls.

The TRS calculation is that the low turnout will favour ruling party and TRS will win GHMC by bagging around 80 seats, if not 99 seats it won in 2016.

The BJP's assessment is that the low voter turnout will favour BJP as BJP is a cadre based party and the voters who came out voted in favour of BJP due to the door-to-door campaign carried by BJP.

Though BJP leaders claim that the BJP will hit a century by winning 100 seats out of 150 seats this time, their internal calculation is that even if they manage to win 30 or 40 seats, it amounts to a big victory for BJP which won just 4 seats in 2016 GHMC polls.

In any case, the GHMC war is between TRS and BJP and no other party has kept any hopes on winning any seat.

In Old City, the AIMIM, will make a clean sweep as usual in about 45 seats. The AIMIM contested 51 seats this time. Last time, it won 44 seats.