GHMC Polls Survey: BJP to win 70, TRS 40, MIM 40 seats

The surveys done by various agencies and media organizations indicate BJP's victory in the ensuing GHMC elections on December 1, 2020. The results will be declared on December 5, 2020.

Most of the surveys predicted that BJP will win around 70 seats while the ruling TRS will be confined to just 40 seats and its friendly party AIMIM will also win around 40 seats out of 150 wards in GHMC that are going for polls.

This is a sharp decline in TRS seats when compared with 2016 GHMC polls.

In 2016, GHMC had won 99 seats out of 150.

For BJP, it will be a sharp rise in its tall when compared with 2016 GHMC polls.

In 2016, BJP won just 4 seats while this time the surveys predict BJP to win around 70 seats.

Even if BJP wins 70 seats, it cannot bag the Hyderabad Mayor post.

Because TRS and MIM will join hands and bag the Mayor post.

TRS also has additional 37 votes in the form of ex-officio members, who are TRS MLAs, MLCs and MPs, who have voting right to elect Mayor.

TRS with the support of ex-officio votes and MIM can bag the Mayor post even if it wins just 40 seats in GHMC polls this time.

In 2016, AIMIM won 44 seats, Congress 2 and TDP won 1 seat.