GAS (GREAT) ANDHRA's Fake News on Revanth Reddy

As usual "Gas (Great) Andhra" has come out with yet another Fake News today, September 5, 2020, projecting it as "Breaking News" on its website.

This 'fake breaking' pertains to Congress firebrand leader and Malkajgiri Lok Sabha member A Revanth Reddy.

Gas Andhra cooked up a fake story saying that TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu has hatched a plan to revive TDP in Telangana with a different party name.

Chandrababu is forcing Revanth to a launch a new regional party of his own Telangana, which will be backed by TDP, to defeat TRS and KCR.

Gas Andhra comes up with its 'trademark fake story' within 24 hours of Revanth clarifying officially that there is no political space left in Telangana to launch a new political party.

These days Revanth is lashing out at 'secret pact' between Telangana CM KCR and AP CM YS Jagan over 'pothirddypadu project issue'.

As usual, this angered the Jagan-bhajan Gas Andhra website, which resorted to publishing cooked up fake stories on Revanth with an aim to scuttle the political growth of Revanth by linking him with Chandrababu and projecting him as working for "Andhra Party" TDP.

Revanth is no longer part of TDP. He is now in Congress. He won as Congress MP from Malkajgiri in May 2019 despite KCR choosing a multi-millionaire candidate to defeat Revanth using money, political and government power. Despite this, Revanth emerged victorious.

Today, if there is someone who is taking KCR, KTR and his family members head-on in Telangana, it's only Revanth.

Now Gas Andhra has hatched a conspiracy to defame Revanth by linking him to Chandrababu and TDP and project him as a leaders working under the directions of Chandrababu.

In this way, Gas Andhra wants to take revenge on Revanth both ways. One for criticising Gas Andhra's boss Jagan and one to project Revanth as 'anti-Telangana" with a fake news campaign that Revanth is working as per directions of Chandrababu.

Gas Andhra even suggested Revanth to join BJP instead of remaining in Congress or join hands with 'Andhra party' TDP.