"Fake News Website" contradicts its own news report

Great Andhra, popular for fake news, is stooping to new lows day after day.

Less than 24 hours after posting a news article on the website saying that Congress has no future in Telangana, it came out with yet another news report (Big Story) saying only Congress has the strength to defeat TRS in Telangana and come to power.

On Saturday, September 5, 2020, the fake news website posted a cooked up news story advising Congress Lok Sabha member A Revanth Reddy to join BJP saying that Congress is a spent force in Telangana like communists and TDP is a disappearing party.

But within 24-hours, the Gas Andhra website took a U-turn and posted a news story saying only Congress is the real alternative for TRS in Telangana.

In this way, Great Andhra exposed itself as a 'fake news website' because it contradicted its own new story within 24 hours proving that it can stoop to any level to get some extra hits and earn some extra bucks under the guise of journalism.

It's up to readers to decide on how to deal with such fake news websites like Great Andhra.

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