Fake news "gas great andhra" does 'Jagan bhajan' yet again over 'temple attacks' in AP

After YS Jaganmohan Reddy became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in May 2019, the state is witnessing increasing attacks on Hindu temples.

As many as 127 attacks on temples were reported across AP since Jagan became CM.

Since Jagan's family is a 'christian family', the attacks fuelled allegations that the temple attackers has the support of Jagan government.

Also no arrests were made in temple attack cases so far also fuelled allegations that the attackers has Jagan government's support.

However, the 'great andhra' website, popularly known as 'gas andhra' website, 'fake news webisite' has posted a 'big story' as usual to defend their boss Jagan.

The gas andhra website is famous for 'blackmailing' politicians, film stars, producers, directors and other celebrities to extort money and if they fail to give 'package' to gas andhra, it has a tradition of carrying a vicious campaign against them.

The gas andhra website big story posted today, January 2, 2020 says the temple attacks were being carried out by Opposition parties and anti-Jagan forces to destabilise Jagan government.

OK...agreed that it's done by Opposition parties. But what great andhra boss and CM Jagan is doing? Is he sleeping? Why can't he inquire into the issue and take action against culprits.

With this big story, the great andhra admitted that their boss Jagan is incapable to handle temple attack's issue.

But people are not innocent to believe the bullshit posted by Gas Andhra which is famous for fake news, blackmailing news under the guise of journalism.