Corona treatment costs over Rs 20 lakh in corporate, private hospitals in Hyd, Telangana

If anyone want to join in a corporate or a private hospital in Hyderabad or elsewhere in Telangana for corona treatment, they should be ready to shell out over Rs 20 lakh for 14-day treatment.

Patients who got admitted in corporate and private hospitals in Telangana and discharged upon recovery revealed that the hospitals had charged over Rs 20 lakh for 14- day treatment.

Patients informed that on an average each hospital is collecting Rs 60,000 to Rs 1 lakh per day.

Finally, the hospitals are issuing total bill for Rs 20 lakh to Rs 24 lakh depending on the facilities in the hospitals.

The TRS government headed by CM KCR should also be blamed for this. Because the state government has failed to regulate charges in hospitals like Tamil Nadu government.

Tamil Nadu government had fixed a price of Rs 7,500 per patient per day in A1, A2 cateogory hospitals (top corporate hospitals), Rs 5,000 per day in A3, A4 category hospitals (normal private hospitals). Tamil Nadu government had also fixed ICU charges per patient per day which should not exceed Rs 15,000.

But in Telangana, though corporate hospitals are fleecing patients with astronomical charges, the TRS government has tuned a blind eye. There are allegations that TRS leaders and corporate hospitals colluded and minting money from patients by exploiting the present corona situation.