Corona hits top TV anchors income!

The coronavirus outbreak did not spare anyone. From common people to celebrities, everyone remain the victims of loss of livelihood, jobs, salary cuts etc on account of corona lockdown and restrictions.

Top TV anchors too are not an exception.

Suma, Anasuya and Rashmi are the top TV anchors in Telugu TV industry.

They charge lakhs of rupees as remuneration for each episode they appear.

But corona lockdown led to halt of all TV shootings for the past three months.

Following the relaxations given by Telangana and AP governments, the TV shootings have commenced in Telugu States recently.

But the producers are not in a position to offer higher remuneration to top TV anchors like earlier as producers too suffered huge losses due to lockdown with their investments getting stuck up.

With this top TV anchors were forced to cut their remuneration by half.

Suma, who charges Rs 2 lakh per episode for "Cash" programme has cut her remuneration to Rs 1 lakh.

Similarly, Anasuya and Rashmi and Anasuya who charge Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per episode, have reduced their remuneration to Rs 1.75 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

Same is the case with male anchors.