Chiranjeevi trying to become "Dasari" of Tollywood!

It is known that late film director, producer Dasari Narayana Rao used to be known as "Tollywood pedda dikku" (a person on whom entire Tollywood industry depends for resolution of any problems or issue concerning Telugu film industry.

Any dispute in Tollywood industry, be it between actors, actresses, producers, directors, technicians, distributors etc, used to reach Dasari for resolution.

Dasari used to command respect from all sections in Tollywood. Everyone used to obey what Dasari tells for an amicable solution to any problem.

But his death in May 2017 created a big void in Tollywood industry which no one could fill with regard to attaining the status of 'pedda dikku' like Dasari.

Of late, megastar Chiranjeevi is trying to step into the shoes of Dasari by playing the role of "pedda dikku'.

When Telangana and AP governments imposed ban on film shootings due to corona lockdown for three months, Chiranjeevi took the initiative to meet Chief Ministers of TS and AP, KCR and Jagan and convinced them to lift lockdown restrictions on film shootings.

Chiranjeevi enjoys good relations with CMs like Dasari does.

With this, Tollywood industry is requesting Chiranjeevi to lead any delegation to meet CMs or others for resolution of any issues concerning Telugu film industry.

Now Chiranjeevi seems to have sprung into action to resolve the disputes that erupted even in late Dasari's family.

It is known that there are property disputes between Dasari's sons for long and they turned worse after after his death. Both his sons were involved in attacks against each other and lodging police cases.

On Friday, June 26, 2020, Dasari's elder son Prabhu lodged a police complaint at Jubilee Hills police station, Hyderabad, against his younger brother Arun Kumar alleging that he barged into his house in Jubilee Hills, attacked him and his wife in a drunken state and threatened him to vacate the house saying that the house belongs to him.

As the news of Dasari family feud spread like wild fire, Chiranjeevi seems to have talked to both of them and convinced them to meet him to settle the issue 'amicably' and withdraw police cases.