CBSE Class X Results: Science students got lower marks due to faulty evaluation!

Students and parents across the country are expressing anger at the recent CBSE Class X Results saying that students were awarded lower marks in Science subjects despite performing well.

They are demanding CBSE to appoint an inquiry committee to find out why lower marks were awarded to science students. They are alleging faulty evaluation by teachers for the mess.

Students are concerned that they will lose admissions in top colleges for UG courses on account of lower marks got due to faulty evaluation.

They are alleging that CBSE used to allot answer scripts of Biology, Physics, Chemistry papers to separate teachers concerned but this year the answer scripts were sent to homes of teachers and a single teacher evaluated all the subjects. They allege that a biology teacher who has no expertise in Physics and Chemistry subjects evaluated all the three papers at home and awarded lower marks and likewise other teachers evaluated for other papers due to which they got lower marks.

They are submitting complaints and petitions to CBSE Board to inquire into this issue and do justice to science students.