BJP: Will do a 'surgical strike' on Old City-Hyd after winning GHMC polls, TRS, MIM, Cong condemn

Hyderabad, November 24:

Addressing a GHMC election meeting near Ramanthapur in Hyderabad here today, November 24, 220, , the BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay, referring to MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi’s challenge to show at least a 1000 names of Rohingyas in the GHMC voters list, said: “You are asking me what action Union Home Minister Amit Shah has taken against Rohingyas? If BJP is elected and our candidate becomes Mayor of Hyderabad, there will be surgical strikes in your old city and the BJP will take the responsibility of driving away Rohingyas and Pakistanis from the old city,” Sanjay said, adding further that the elections must be conducted only after deletion of names of illegal voters from Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

TRS working president KTR strongly condemned Bandi Sanjay's remarks taking exception to likening of a peaceful Hyderabad to that of terrorist camps in Pakistan, and wondered if the Karimnagar MP had gone completely insane just for a few votes and seats in the GHMC elections.

KTR said “Hyderabad is neither near the national border nor is it a foreign land. Will you kill crores of Hyderabadis just for the sake of a few votes?.” The Minister said the BJP and Sanjay should instead carry out surgical strike on poverty, unemployment, backwardness and politics of hate plaguing the country. BJP leaders should conduct surgical strikes on those resorting to crimes against women and those destroying the economy, he said, and warned the saffron party that the people, who have realised that the BJP government was incompetent to take such measures, will themselves take up surgical strikes soon against the ineffective governance at the Centre.

Former Minister & ex-Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir has strongly condemned State BJP President Bandi Sanjay's statement wherein he promised that his party would conduct surgical strike on Old City after winning GHMC elections.

"As a Member of Parliament, Bandi Sanjay must know that surgical strikes are conduct in enemy's land and not in our own country. Is he trying to say that Old City of Hyderabad is not part of India? He should be ashamed of himself for stooping to such a low level just to win a few seats in GHMC elections. He is clearly trying to create a divide in the society on the basis of religion and it is highly regrettable that neither the Election Commission nor the Hyderabad Police are taking any action against him for such provocative statements," Shabbir Ali said in a media statement on Tuesday.

He said that the issue of Rohingyas should be dealt by the Central Government. Therefore, instead of making communalising the peaceful atmosphere in Hyderabad, he should question his own party (BJP) which is in power for the last six years, as to why it failed not resolve the issue. By describing Old City as hub of terrorism, Sanjay is directly questioning the capabilities of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in handling terrorism.

Shabbir Ali said that the BJP leader has been making provocative statements without showing any respect for the law or the Model Code of Conduct. "Instead of inciting communal hatred, Bandi Sanjay must explain what BJP Government did for Hyderabad in the last six years. He should give details of how much funds were released by the Modi Govt for the development of Hyderabad, relief amount during Corona pandemic and lockdown period and the assistance given to the flood affected people. By giving provocative statements he is trying to cover up the fact that the BJP Government at the Centre did nothing for Hyderabad," he said.

The Congress leader also accused MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi of promoting communalism in Hyderabad. He said both BJP and MIM were two sides of the same coin who wants to win elections on the basis of religious hatred and not on the basis of performance. He alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao was the mastermind behind the entire rivalry drama being enacted by TRS, MIM and BJP. Since TRS Government has failed on all fronts, CM KCR is using BJP leaders to divert people's attention, he alleged.