Big Joke: "Farmhouse" KCR asks Modi why he did not visit Hyd during floods

Telangana CM KCR's family owned 'bhajan media' (namely Namasthe Telangana & Telangana Today, Telugu & English newspapers) published a "big joke" as top headlines accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not visiting Hyderabad to witness floods situation due to recent heavy rains in October.

Readers are laughing endlessly looking or reading at these newspapers aimed at misleading Hyderabad people with an eye on upcoming GHMC polls in which TRS is facing the treat from resurgent BJP in Telangana.

This is because, Telangana CM KCR, who resides in Hyderabad, himself has not bothered to any place in Hyderabad to witness flood condition.

When Hyderabad people drowned in floods, KCR was resting at his palatial Pragathi Bhavan for few days and at his 70-acre farmhouse on Hyderabad city outskirts in Erravelli.

Not only this, when Hyderabad people were suffering with floods and heavy rains, Hyderabad traffic police officials stopped traffic for hours to make way for KCR's convoy to travel from Pragathi Bhavan to his farmhouse and vice versa.

Now, KCR's own media is questioning why Modi did not visit Hyderabad.

When KCR, who resides and rules from Hyderabad and the only city in Telangana which is running Telangana state government by contributing major revenues, is least bothered to witness flood situation in Hyderabad even till today, his media's joke of questioning Modi is making people burst with laughter.