AP SSC Marks Scam: Pay Rs 10k for 10/10 grade points!

The recent decision of Andhra Pradesh government to cancel SSC public exams in the wake of increasing corona cases in the state and promote all SSC students to next class based on 'internal assessment' marks awarded by schools, is being exploited by the managements of few private and corporate schools and junior colleges.

Formative assessments were done in schools four times for SSC students in the academic year 2019-20 based on which internal assessment marks were given to students.

However, the schools uploaded the internal assessment marks of only first three formative assessments on the AP school education department website.

They are yet to upload the marks of fourth formative assessment.

With the cancellation of SSC public exams now, the managements of few private and corporate schools and junior colleges are exploiting the situation to their advantage and allegedly demanding up to Rs 10,000 from parents to award higher marks in fourth formative assessment and ensure that their children secure 10 out of 10 grade points.

Some junior colleges are allegedly calling parents over phone and offering 10/10 grade points to their children if they take Intermediate admission in their college. They are trying to convince parents saying that they can 'manage' schools to award higher internal assessment marks.

This alleged scam was exposed by Andhra Jyothy Telugu newspaper in its AP edition dated Saturday, June 27, 2020.

However, the report has no version of AP government or school education department.

It remains to be seen how AP government reacts on this alleged scam.