AP districts increase decision in July 15 cabinet meeting!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is scheduled to hold a crucial cabinet meeting on July 15, 2020, Wednesday, to discuss and take a decision on creation of new districts in Andhra Pradesh.

At present, AP has 13 districts. Jagan is planning to make each Lok Sabha constituency as a district.

At present, AP has 25 Lok Sabha constituencies. This would mean that the districts in AP will increase form present 13 to 25.

However, protests have already started against Jagan's decision to create new districts based on Lok Sabha constituencies.

Various organisations are protesting saying such a decision is 'unscientific'.

They argue that Guntur district has 3 Lok Sabha constituencies and as per Jagan's proposal Guntur will get three new districts.

This will deny other areas in AP to become new districts and there will be imbalances in development which may trigger further protests in the coming days.

There are demands that Jagan should create new districts by balancing all the factors and to ensure overall development of all areas in AP instead of blindly opting for Lok Sabha constituency as district. Because Lok Sabha constituencies change in future due to delimitation process and in that case new problems will arise in new districts.