Andhra pvt degree colleges Min fees Rs 12,000,Max fee Rs 18,000 per year, 30% management quota seats

The Andhra Pradesh state government has stipulated fee structure for private degree colleges in state for current academic year 2020-21.

For the first time, the AP government has stipulated fee structure for degree colleges in four categories.

The minimum fees prescribed is Rs 12,000 per year and maximum fees prescribed iS Rs 18,000 per year depending on the quality of faculty and infrastructure facilities in colleges.

For the first time, the AP government has introduced management quota seats in degree colleges. 30% of the seats are allotted under management quota. The state government will not give fees reimbursement for students who take admissions under management quota.

The fees for Category-I colleges is Rs 18,000 per year, Category-II is Rs 16,000 per year, Category-III is Rs 14,000 per year and Category-IV is Rs 12,000 per year.

However, the private degree college managements are opposing 30% management quota seats. They are demanding 100% seats to be under merit quota (convenor quota) like earlier to be filled by the government and government's fee reimbursement is applicable