Andhra 'caste politics' turn murkier with Reddy X Kamma war

Andhra Pradesh is famous for 'caste feelings' and 'caste politics'.

Though castes and caste politics exist everywhere in India, in Andhra it has crossed all the limits of decency.

In AP, there is a 'caste war' always between Reddy, Kamma and Kapu communities be it in politics, business or film industry or any sector.

No political party or leader are exception to this.

But after YSRCP came to power, the 'caste politics' in AP turned more dirty and murkier.

Reddy versus Kamma caste war is going on aggressively in AP after AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy decided to shift state capital from Amaravathi to Vizag reportedly on the grounds of caste. YSRCP leaders state that Amaravathi capital was conceived by former AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for the benefit of Kamma community who own vast chunk of lands in Amaravathi.

Now the appointment of Daggubati Purandeshwari as national general secretary (jaatheeya pradhana kaaryadarshi) by BJP recently has triggered caste war between Reddys and Kammas.

After her appointment, Purandeshwari issued a statement that BJP favour Amaravathi as the only capital of AP and not three-capitals formula announced by CM Jagan.

To this, YSRCP Rajya Sabha member reacted saying, "Purandeshwari's comments proved whether she is a 'jaatheeya naayakuralu' (national leader) or a 'jaathi naayakuralu' leader (caste leader)".

Vijayasai Reddy was referring to her Kamma caste for supporting Amaravati as capital, which YSRCP terms as capital for 'kammas'.

This led to tussle between YSRCP and BJP. The BJP is targeting YSRCP for giving 'caste colour' to everything ignoring the fact that Purandeshwari was given the new position based on her efficiency as union minister for ten years in UPA cabinet as well as her experience in politics.