133 Engg colleges closed in Telangana: KCR govt's achievement in 6-yrs

The TRS government in Telangana State headed by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao achieved a dubious distinction of closing down 133 engineering colleges in Telangana since KCR became CM and since Telangana state was formed six years ago in June 2014.

When Telangana State was formed and KCR became CM on June 2, 2014, there were 319 engineering colleges in state, which had 1,87,530 seats.

After six years, Telangana today have 186 engineering colleges with 1,05,999 seats.

This data proves that 133 engineering colleges were closed down in six years.

Due to this, the number of engineering seats in Telangana came down by about 82,000 seats.

The TRS leaders claim that they closed down colleges which lacked adequate infrastructure and faculty as if all the government colleges, government universities in Telangana have world-class facilities.

Just a look at famous Osmania University in Hyderabad is enough to show the pathetic condition of government universities and colleges in Telangana.

None of the universities in Telangana have vice chancellors for over an year. More than 50% of the faculty positions are lying vacant for years. The famous OU Arts College is lying in a dilapidated condition with leakages during rains.

Will KCR close down Osmania University and other government universities and colleges in Telangana by following the same parameters adopted for private colleges?