1.10 lakh B.Tech seats in Telangana

The AICTE has approved 1.10 lakh B.Tech seats in Telangana State for new academic year 2020-21.

The AICTE has approved a total of 1,10,873 seats in 186 private and 15 government engineering colleges for 2020-21.

The number of seats in B.Tech (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical) branches have come down significantly this year when compared with last year.

However, the seats in B.Tech (Computer Science) branch have increased by 19,000 seats over last year.

However, the colleges need to obtain approval from state government for affiliation.

The JNTU-Hyderabad has to give affiliation for these colleges after AICTE approval.

The JNTU-H has written to state government seeking NOC (no objection certificate) for colleges.

The JNTU-H will hold admissions counselling for only those colleges and seats permitted by state government. The JNTU-H will conduct inspections and give affiliations to colleges.

Only those colleges and courses approved by JNTU-H will be eligible for admissions. There may be some reduction in B.Tech seats after JNTU-H grants affiliations.